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Located in the QizhongIndustrail Park in Minhang District of Shanghai,EnHui has been engaged in the production of a wide range of pumps,includingmultistage submersible pump,sewage pump,mine drainage pump,and full-lift pump,etc.,and EnHui is thus well known in field of pumps featured by its high-lift and strong water flow.

Adhering to the mission of "Quality is the highest priority,Being full faithful to our customers",we have been keeping continuous innovation in product design and product manufacturing.Our product structure is well optimized and excellent performance is reached.Because of this,our pumps are well welcome......... [More]

BQS Series Explosion-proof Water Pumps for Mines
BQS Explosion-proof Sand Drainage Water Pumps for Mines
BQS/NS Explosion-proof Sewage Pumps for Mines
QKS Series Waste Water Pump for Minerals
WQN Bottom draft Engineering Sewage Pump
WQL Bottom Draft Block Free Pump
QJ Series Submersible Pump for Deep Well
QS Small Size submersible pump
QKSF, WQF, and WQNF corrosion resisting pump
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